The scripture has a lot of good examples the Less.

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This was excellent, Bob!

The story telling threaded in this issue and the example of the tact and process necessary for very real and critical situations in all of life was fantastic.

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Well, this assumes that you present a mix of strong and weak arguments when presenting your case? But what if all the arguments you present are strong? Does them make them more irrefutable than presenting two, for instance!?

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I would think of it more that there is a scale from strongest, to strong, to weak. And the best thing to do is stick with the strongest, as the weaker arguments don't help you more. It's not as much of an addition equation as a multiplicative one.

Think of it this way in terms of if these are the quality of your arguments.

1 x 1 x 1 = 100%

1x .9 x .8 = 72%

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