This is all sound advice. And while politics, at least, in the US have become divisive, there are many other issues that have also been politicized, but are important to discuss in the workplace. For example: DEI such as LGBT/transgender rights, equal pay for women; work/life balance, as well as other discriminatory practices that have long been the norm. I think it’s fair that these be addressed on LinkedIn though, of course, professionalism and civil discourse is key. Also, I work for myself and so I’m not answerable to an employer. My values are very important to me, and so I am going to speak up on issues of diversity or politics, in so far as they are related to the kind of world I am committed to creating. If the chases away some prospective clients, and attracts others, perfect! There is no better lens for finding my tribe.

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I agree and appreciate the intent and message behind all five tips. At the same time, I believe my role as an executive leadership coach is crucial in guiding and developing leaders within the business community. While my primary focus is most often on enhancing leadership skills, fostering strategic thinking, and promoting professional growth, taking a public stand against social injustice and the bad behavior of some political leaders is also an essential aspect of my responsibility at this career stage. I want to set a positive example of courage in speaking out professionally to demonstrate empathy, integrity, and leadership responsibility. I believe I have the capability and responsibility as an independent executive leadership coach to influence leaders in a way that extends beyond just business success. By advocating against social injustice, I hope to help shape leaders who are not only skilled and strategic but also to be compassionate, ethical, and committed to positively impacting society. Like Yassir, I understand the risk I am taking. I have no issue if my public opinion chases away prospects if they oppose my values.

Please be clear: I am not suggesting that I disrespect anyone’s reasons for staying silent or assume that we do not share values of integrity or justice. I am in the winter of my career. The best thing about achieving this age and position in life is the freedom to say what I think out loud without fear of reprisal.

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