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Friday Forward started as a note to my Acceleration Partners team each Friday morning. The goal was to inspire our employees to want to achieve more in all aspects of their lives, push beyond their limits and realize their potential.

Soon, employees were sharing the notes with colleagues, friends and family outside the company, who asked to join the list. I opened the newsletter up to the public and the rest was history.

Friday Forward In The News

Today, Friday Forward has grown into a Friday morning ritual for nearly 200,000 people across 150 countries who are passionate about leadership and self-improvement. Friday Forward delivers a short inspirational or thought-provoking story to your inbox every Friday. The topics vary, but they’re organized around universal themes: leadership, self-improvement, pushing your limits, building better personal and professional relationships, and reaching your full potential.

Friday Forward is free and you can unsubscribe at any time. I’d be honored to have you join the community.

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